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Shortcrust pastry 2.0

Cook like god in France - Anyone who has seen the movie "Ratatouille" will certainly remember the little rat "Remy", who moves to Paris to learn cooking. The unforgettable scene in which Remy takes a perfectly ripe strawberry and gleefully puts it in his mouth ... his taste buds explode and his mouth starts to water. Right from this moment, the spectators' appetite takes control.

I set myself the task of creating such a "Remy flavor sensation" for a supperclub in Lyon. And I succeeded.

A small, very French starter:

We combine on a "Tarte" (shortcrust pastry), magret de canard fumé (smoked duck breast), foie gras (duck foie gras of the highest quality (or alternatively the vegetarian version), fresh figs and juicy ripe Williams pears that have been briefly boiled in a little water with vanilla. Mix the figs and pears 12 hours in advance and leave to stand in the fridge.

Arrange very shortly before serving!

A little taste of French kitchen art - Magret de canard fumé

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