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About my Supper Club

The simple passion for cooking and the joy of eating surrounded by friendly faces in a warming home atmosphere is what started my supper club. Since January 2016 I open my house in Ste-Foy-les-Lyon to cook for strangers that turn into friends over dinner. These evenings are filled with great food, delicious smells, loud laughter, red wine and so much more.


My admiration for supper clubs emerged when I went to my first supper club in 1987 in Cuba. The second followed when I studied in Berlin during the time of the fall of the Berlin wall. I was so impressed of the social aspect and the outstanding private atmosphere, that today I frequently visit supper clubs during my travels. To eat in a supper club is a special way to adventure food and last but not least it’s the best way to attain to a country, their people and their live stories.


So, please if you want to be part of the einSteinLyon, treat my supper club as you would treat a friends home  and treat your host(s) and the other guests around the table as you would want your guests to treat you in your own home.


Did you know?

The idea for supper clubs is originated in Cuba in the 70s. Due to the socialistic lack of restaurants people organized private owned little restaurants called Paladares, which were illegal until the 1990s when the USSR falls. A very interesting one, I visited on my first trip to Cuba in 1987 is the "Atelier" Paladar in Havanna. Today it’s a little colonial stylished restaurant operated by young enthusiastic Cubans.

How does it work ?

1. Contact me


If you are interested in becoming one of my guests there are three ways to contact me:

Please do so at least 48 hours before the event.


2. Inform me about the group size


The einSteinLyon supper club hosts a minimum of 4 guests and normally a maximum of 8 guests for private lunch or dinner. Since the einSteinLyon is a home-based eating event in a private home and not a restaurant this group size guarantees high quality, stress less work and a social aspect with my guests. A larger group than 8 guests may be possible for a brunch or buffet event. However please contact me if you have questions.


3. Inform me about possible allergies, etc


To guarantee a high quality of my meals I always cook with fresh ingredients, most of the ingredients are bio and regional.  Note that I am not able to make spontaneous adjustments for any allergies you have. Therefore I kindly ask you to inform me about allergies, vegetarians etc. beforehand while we communicate before the event.


4. I announce the price per person  


After deciding the group size and the meal I will calculate the price per person. It will always be announced on my website and will be written in my confirmation email.


5. Payment


There are two ways for you to pay.

  • Either I will give you my bank details and you pay via bank transfer

  • Otherwise you can do your booking via where the payment is handled by the platform


That’s it! Try your private dining experience in the fringe area of Lyon!


"There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet"

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