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About me

I'm Claudia. born and raised in Germany. After living in Aachen, Berlin and Barcelona I'm since 1999 in France, where I raised my two now grown up sons  together with my husband. Our family spent our first year in Paris before we moved to Lyon where we've built our own house and where I worked as university teacher during 20 years. I have a Masters degree in Geography and Geology. This field of interest is also reflected in the name of my supper club einSteinLyon, which means "a stone" in German..

My passion for cooking and good food I discovered early when I cooked together with my mother and grandma. Also my love for my own "wild" garden comes from the family tradition to cultivate vegetables close to nature and organically. In Lyon I have almost 700 m2 at my disposal and every year the formerly empty area becomes more and more biodiverse. Since several years we cultivate and produce for the family and friends a few bottles homemade wine, fresh olives, olive oil, liqueurs and jams .


I am also a very interested globetrotter and share my fascination for travelling with my family and friends, with whom I have been in so many different countries that it is difficult to count. I am fascinated by the exciting cultures, the different ways of live, social and political behavior.  The different ingredients, scents, the different way of preparing a meal and the open hearty way of almost all people inspire me and enrich me and my private way of cooking.


All those  aspects and my memory of my first supper club in the 80s' in Cuba motivated me to start the "einSteinLyon". What better way is there to invite people from other cultures to your home and enjoy food together and exchange ideas about the world?

...and to answer the question why I chose the name SteinLyon. Quite simple! I am a geoscientist by nature who has discovered the passion for cooking and travelling by the way.

einSteinLyon Claudia Ackermann

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