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Homemade Raspberry Orange Flower & Abricot Jam

Feel free to get some inspirations on my food blog where I regularly post new recipes that I also prepare for my supper club guests.

Unique dining experience in the culinary heart of France

The simple passion for cooking and the joy of eating surrounded by friendly faces in a warming home atmosphere is what started my supper club. Since January 2016 I open my house in Ste-Foy-les-Lyon to cook for strangers that turn into friends over dinner. These evenings are filled with great food, delicious smells, loud laughter, red wine and so much more. If you are interested in a unique dining experience I would love to be your host.

Creamy Zucchini Soup by einSteinLyon


German, living in France for the past 25 years. Working in Germany and France. Mother of two adult sons, Geologist and Mediator, passionate cook, cat lover and interested globetrotter.


“She blends unique flavors with her own original recipes, and often uses ingredients she grows or blends herself.”

Susan, USA / June 2022

“She and her husband were such gracious hosts. Claudia is a fantastic cook and the home ambience was very enjoyable.”

Dianne, USA / July 2021

“What an awesome night. [...] Claudia and Marcus were great hosts and we had an amazing night. The food was incredible.”

Mike, USA / May 2019

“We truly enjoyed dining in Claudia’s home. The food was absolutely delicious as well as plentiful and beautifully displayed. Claudia and her husband were gracious and generous hosts. They are an insightful pair - knowledgeable as well as open to learning more about people and cultures from all over the world. It was truly a pleasure meeting and dining with both of them!”

David, Israel / December 2018

If you are interested to be part of my Supper Club please ask for a reservation via mail at:

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