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Wild Garlic Pesto

Spring is the time for fresh herbs. Wild Garlic or bear's garlic comes just in time. A typical spring herb whose season lasts only from March to May. So collect it quickly in the woods and freeze in small portions because Wild Garlic tastes very well, is also really healthy and contains more vitamin C than oranges. Well, who would have thought that?

Wild Garlic Pesto


200 g wild garlic,

approx. 150 - 200 ml olive oil,

60 g pine kernels roasted

60 g peeled almonds cut into parts, roasted,

70 g peccorino or parmesan, salt and pepper according to taste

Mix all in the Blender and put in the fridge

I prepared a Pak Choi Quiche and covered the quiche bottom with bear garlic pesto.It tastes delicious too over fresh spaghetti or on toasted bread as a small starter.

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