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Walk with magnificent views of Lyon and the Rhône valley

Saint-Laurent-de-Vaux is a small French village located 17 km south-west of Lyon in the Rhône department , surrounded by the communes of Yzeron, Vaugneray and Thurins.

Situated at an altitude of 423 metres, the Yzeron River, the Ruisseau Goutte Lays and the Ruisseau de la Milonière are the main waterways that cross the commune of Saint-Laurent-de-Vaux.

France, Saint Laurent de Vaux - Yzeron, einSteinLyon

From Saint-Laurent-de-Vaux we start our hike in the direction of Châteauvieux .

The way we walked, Saint Laurent de Vaux - Yzeron

At first, the path slowly but steadily climbs passing the dolmens of Châteauvieux to reach the chapel of Châteauvieux. Before reaching the church of St John the Baptist, at the entrance to the hamlet, a modern cross replaces the old one destroyed in 1984.

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The little roman church of Châteauvieux ,that became an annex of Yzeron in 1658, dates from the 11th century. This chapel is surrounded by its old cemetery and three over 400 years old "Sully" lime trees.

We leave Châteauvieux and walk until we reach Yzeron.

The history of Yzeron is marked by its mountainous geography and the availability of its springs. The Romans captured the water to irrigate the ancient city of Lugdunum (Lyon) and even though it is no longer visible to the naked eye, the route of the aqueduct is well documented.

After a short break and a visit to Yzeron, we return to our starting point. The hike takes about 3 hours with breaks, and in summer there are plenty of sunny spots for a picnic.

During your walk you will have unique views.

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