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The Vegetarian Heaven & Earth - "Himmel & Erde"

"Himmel & Erde" (transl.: Heaven and Earth) is a german dish originating from my region North Rhine-Westphalia. Traditionally, this dish consists of fried black pudding slices, apple sauce and mashed potatoes. But it is also a great dinner without any meat if you are vegetarian.

Himmel & Erde

While "Erde" stands for the potatoes and "Himmel" for the apples from the tree. The following recipe is a great vegetarian way of that dish I've discovered on Uwes foodblog "Highfoodality". This is how easy it can be to prepare a tasty dish without any meat!


4 white onions

3 sour apples

2 handful flat parsley

2 sprigs fresh marjoram

2 sprigs fresh thyme

70 ml apple juice

10 g butter

50 ml white wine

6 tbsp oil

Some brown sugar

salt, pepper

Mashed potatoes:

800g potatoes, floury cooking

250 ml cream

40 g butter

Some salt

Some nutmeg

How to prepare:

1 Peel the potatoes, boil and let cool. Heat the cream, add to the potatoes and mix to a pulp. Then stir in the butter and season the mashed potatoes with salt and nutmeg.

2 Peel the onions and cut into eighths or rings. Chop the parsley and marjoram.

3 Slowly fry the onions in a little butter until translucent. Meanwhile remove the core of the apples and cut them into thin slices. Add the marjoram to the onions, mix in and season with salt and pepper. Deglaze with the white wine (alternative: Verjus), bring to the boil and reduce slightly.

4 Brown the apple slices in a pan with a little butter until they are lightly browned. Add onions and parsley to the apples, deglaze with apple juice, reduce and season to taste. Serve with mashed potatoes.

Serve it with a fresh (german) beer.

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