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Little chocolate truffle cake with cuban rum

To prepare a supper club for a birthday dinner is always a pleasure. With  inspirations from Uwe from   highfoodality it is easy going. For example this delicious chocolate truffle cake, ....try it and you will fall down.

What you need: 

For the shortcrust

80 g iced sugar (My tip! iced sugar makes it crunchy)

200 g butter

300 g flour 

1 eg

pinch of salt

1 vanilla pod

1 pinch of tonca bean

For the truffle

250 g dark Lindt chocolate 78%

230 ml cream

40 g butter

1 tbsp. cinnamon flower

1 pinch toncabean

20 - 30 ml  Cuban rum (Havanna Club min. 7 years)

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